This is our latest episode, in what the Times called "the film week of the year". Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty are separated by our reviews of Won't Back Down, Movie 43 and The Last Stand. I also seemingly have a competition with myself as to how often I'll deride Jennifer Lawrence's oscar nomination, and come up with the word "wowface" to describe (or not describe) another nominee's recognised turn. Press play here :

Just a quick note, there is a minute's gap 34 minutes in, but it's from a cut we planned to make - the content's gone but the gap remains, just skip over it and everything comes back as intended so you don't actually *miss* anything, honest :) As usual this and all our other episodes are available here on our podcast blog to stream or download. This will be up here for 3 weeks, if that's passed and it doesn't work any more, head over to the other blog and it'll be there.