Argh, it's friday, I'm seeing more new films (damn the podcast) and I'm still so behind with the blog backlog (backblog :D ). I will still do proper reviews of most of the remaining ones but it's currently at 8 and will be at 10 by the time I get back from the cinema today so I'm taking 3 here right now to make it semi-doable.

First up is a Japanese film I saw online called Rent-a-Cat. This was very cute. It's about a woman who has an innate ability to attract cats, but cannot attract men, so she runs a cat-rental business by loaning the random felines that come her way to lonely people she meets. There are a lot of deliberately similar scenes throughout and it all adds to the silly tone. There's a nice central performance from Ichikawa Mikako and it doesn't really drag despite being closer to two hours than 90 minutes. This is quite a sweet, enjoyable watch.

I also saw Starbuck at the cinema a couple of weeks ago and it was a very entertaining little Canadian film about a former sperm donor who, due to mismanagement of the fertility clinic, ended up fathering hundreds of children who now want to know who he is. Patrick Huard does well in the lead, there's a cracking soundtrack, it's consistently funny and is very appealing. It may be a bit manipulative in places and it does have a scattergun approach which leads to plot points being dropped for long periods, but being a comedy it more than makes up for that with the laughs. Glad I saw it.

Lastly, for now, Won't Back Down, which I saw a while ago online and is about a parent and a teacher who decide to take advantage of a law in order to take control of a failing local school and turn it around. This benefits from the casting, with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis both doing well with what they're given, but the plotting isn't the greatest and it's not that easy to take too seriously. Still a very decent watch though, if a thoroughly undemanding one.